11/26/2013 07:00 am ET

'The Blacklist': Red Finds Himself Trapped As His Friends Are Dying Around Him

So far, Red's deal with the FBI hasn't really impacted his day-to-day life all that much on "The Blacklist." All of that changed this week, though, when they foolishly brought him in. The team thought they were helping him, considering there was a death threat leveled against him, but they were playing into the hands of the assassin.

Once Red knew it was Anslo Gerrick after him, he knew that he was going to get into the facility. And so, Red ultimately found himself seeking refuge in the very glass box he was put in way back in the pilot. And so, Red is in the box with Ressler -- who's dying from a nasty gunshot injury to his leg -- while Gerrick has gathered up both the FBI agents in the building and Red's personal entourage.

It is from this latter pool that Gerrick tries to convince Red to open the box. But Red doesn't know how to open it, and A.D. Cooper isn't willing to say. And so Red had to watch as one of his associates was gunned down. Then, Gerrick grabbed his bodyguard, and it was clear that Red had a very close connection to this man. The two shared what sounded like a prayer together as his friend was prepared to die.

The screen cut to black as the gunshot went off, but was this the shot that killed Red's bodyguard? Agent Keen had been going all "Die Hard" after getting trapped in the elevator, so she was moving in on the scene. Was it her shot perhaps? For the first time, "The Blacklist" left us hanging on the edge of a cliff needing answers.

The action picks up as "The Blacklist" continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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