11/27/2013 03:55 pm ET

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Win At Life With Best Birthday Costumes Ever (PHOTO)

Few models can make us laugh as hard as Chrissy Teigen can -- the Sports Illustrated stunner might just have social media LOLs down to a science.

Teigen took to Instagram today to post a photo that proves that she and husband John Legend truly win at life. Behold, the best birthday costumes in existence: grown-up versions of Mario and Princess Peach. Accompanying the post was a caption with a "#nintendobirthday" hashtag, so we assume the 27-year-old is referring to her upcoming birthday on Nov. 30. (Yes, we didn't know birthday costumes were a thing, either. Leave it to Chrissy...)

If this is just the teaser, we can't wait to see what the model has in store for the actual big day.

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