11/27/2013 09:33 am ET

18 Pairs Of Elastic Waist Pants, All For Under $100

Thanksgiving is almost here and winter is most definitely already here, which are two perfect excuses to curl up in your PJs, stuff your face and never leave the house. Even though we totally support that plan, some of us can't do all the aforementioned activities while in our pajamas -- our grandmas might have a heart attack if we show up at the family dinner wearing boxers and a robe. That said, it doesn't mean we have to attend the turkey fest in skinny jeans and a tight tank.

This year, it's all about elastic pants. Not only are they comfortable, but they're stylish, too. And they can also be worn long after Thanksgiving, especially on those chilly January mornings when getting out of bed seems like the worst thing in the world.

Behold, 18 pairs of elastic waist pants, all for under $100. Happy shopping (and happy stuffing your face).

Elastic Waist Pants Under $100

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