11/27/2013 02:48 pm ET

Woman Twerks On New York City Subway Tracks Because 'Yolo' (VIDEO)

Here's a short video of two women twerking on the New York City subway tracks. It's obviously always a very bad idea to go onto the subway tracks in New York City. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz described the stunt succinctly to the New York Post: "One word, dumb."

One of the twerkers, Jarisa Fuentes, emailed an explanation to the Daily Intelligencer. "U know, yolo," she said in her email. "I was only having fun."

She went on to explain that no train was in sight and they were careful not to touch the third rail. Keep in mind that when you're actually standing on the subway tracks, like Fuentes and her friend, the third rail is only a few feet away.

No one was hurt in the making of the video, but please no one get any ideas. Again: It's a really, really, really bad idea to go onto the subway track in New York City.

[VIA Daily Intel]



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