11/28/2013 10:59 am ET Updated Nov 28, 2013

Seniors Discuss The Best & Worst Dressed Celebrities Of The Month

Here at HuffPost Style, we idolize our grandmothers' style. They always look put together, they know which pieces to invest in and their clothing is perpetually in pristine condition.

So, who better to critic the best and worst dressed celebrities of the month than a few stylish seniors? HuffPost Live gathered three ladies from the post-50 crowd to discuss the recent fashions we've been seeing on the red carpet.

Though they had some nice things to say about Natalie Portman's look, Jennifer Lawrence was dubbed a "freak show" in a sheer Dior dress. [Ed. note: We totally disagree.]

Watch the video above to see these opinionated seniors comment on this month's best and worst dressed stars.

Perhaps they would have preferred these looks?

Vintage Fashion Moments

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