11/28/2013 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Burberry In Danger Of Losing Rights To Signature Plaid

It looks as though Burberry might lose their exclusive rights to their signature red, black and tan check.

The British luxury fashion house has appealed a decision made by Chinese authorities that would allow other companies to lawfully use their iconic check pattern on leather goods.

According to The Guardian, the verdict came down because Burberry has not made enough use of the Haymarket Check in China for three years.

WWD reported that back in August 2012, the Trademark Office received a complaint which challenged Burberry's right to the check for leather goods in China. The complaint was supposedly brought about by a division of the Lubida factory, an organization which Burberry had previously sued for creating counterfeit bags. Hmm, something smells a little fishy.

Fortunately, Burberry can rest easy for the moment. Until a decision is reached on the appeal, they still have sole rights to their tartan pattern. But if the court's ruling doesn't go in their favor, what will it mean for the company who has built an empire around their well-known pattern? Do you think there will be a new trademark in Burberry's future?

The pattern in question:


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