11/28/2013 10:17 am ET Updated Nov 28, 2013

HuffPost Gives Thanks: What We're Grateful For In 2013


This Thanksgiving, in addition to the turkey and the stuffing, millions of Americans will also bring their gratitude to the dinner table.

Giving thanks does more than just pay lip service to the things we appreciate. Expressing gratitude is a natural stress-buster, makes us feel more connected to others and even improves our fitness. And gratitude doesn't just affect adults -- research has found that practicing the habit in schools improves students' grades and reduces stress in the classroom.

In the spirit of giving thanks (and since it's so good for our health!), we asked HuffPost staffers to share what they're truly grateful for this year. Take a look at the responses below -- then tell us in the comments what you're thankful for in 2013.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Huffington Post!

What HuffPosters Are Thankful For