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'To Selena, With Love' Commemorative Edition Released With New Material


In March of 2012, the world learned about the true spirit of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez (1971-1995) through the words of her widower, guitarist Chris Perez.

VOXXI featured a review of the book from a fan’s point of view that summer and overall the book was well-received. Selena’s fans had waited 17 years to get their hands on the intimate details of her life, wanting to know more about the Tejano singer who moved so many with her spirit, enthusiasm and incredible talent. Now, more than a year after the initial release of the book, “To Selena, With Love” is being re-released as a commemorative edition.

‘To Selena, With Love’ new edition

Never before seen pictures

The latest edition of the book features photos that Selena’s husband Chris Perez has never before released. Consistent with the first publication of the book and the rest of the photos throughout, these new images give us a rare glimpse into the extremely intimate and private moments that Selena shared with her husband and the rest of her family.

A whole new chapter in the book

Chris Perez has been asked why it took him so long to write the book in the first place. Originally published in 2012, Selena’s 1995 murder at the age of 23 seemed a distant memory to many. For Perez, it was a matter of grieving and being able to move on in his own time. “It was something I had to do,” he says, “in order to move forward. I was dealing with boxes and boxes of baggage that I had suppressed. So I went through, dusted them off, and then wrote the book.”

The new chapter in “To Selena, With Love” is a reflection on the book-writing process from Perez himself. He examines how it felt to put the words on the page, to see his late wife’s picture on the cover of his own book and then process the feedback from critics and fans alike.

Learning about Selena through her husband’s eyes

Chris Perez closes the book with:

“We watched her grow up and saw her star rise. Selena represented the idea that it is possible to go places that most of us only dream about. Selena, I’m still dreaming of you.”

The sentiment of true love is certainly present throughout the book and one admires Perez’s bravery in sharing their intimate details as well as dispelling some false rumors about the star and their marriage, including setting the record straight about alleged affairs and homosexuality.

Perez was able to give fans as well as casual readers a true sense of who Selena was, not just on stage, but as a woman.

“She deserves to be remembered not only for her beautiful voice and talent as an entertainer, but as a real woman who loved the ordinary everyday things, like walking barefoot in the evening to feel the warmth of the sidewalk on her skin.”

Many fans did want a bit more from Chris Perez after the release of the first edition of the book in 2012. Many wondered about the grieving process, winning a Grammy in 2000, and how he felt during the trial and years following her death. The hope is that the new commemorative edition of “To Selena, With Love” offers readers not only a glimpse into the inner-workings of Chris Perez himself but also a little more about Selena with private photographs shared for the very first time.

“Selena loved as hard as she lived. We loved her in return – her family, her friends, her fans, and me, her husband, who felt like the luckiest man alive every time Selena said my name.”

Originally published on VOXXI as Chris Perez releases ‘To Selena, With Love’ commemorative edition



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