11/29/2013 11:40 am ET

David Mamet: Obama Is A 'Tyrant'

Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet has spent the past several years separating himself from Hollywood liberalism. In 2008, he penned a Village Voice essay titled "Why I Am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal." Earlier this year, he voiced his anti-gun control sentiments in a Newsweek piece. Now, Mamet has slammed President Barack Obama with a rather harsh label.

"He's a tyrant," Mamet said during an appearance on "The Hugh Hewitt Show." "And I give him great credit. He's always said that his idea was to reform the United States. And, you know, like many tyrants, like Wilson and like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he believes that his way is the right way and that he's going to implement his vision of the world, and many agree with him. And he's acting in concert with his conscience. And I applaud him for that. I just disagree with everything he's done."

Mamet's sentiments are, of course, in good company, even among the liberal-heavy entertainment industry. Matt Damon ("Imagine if they had a leader"), James Woods ("This president is a true abomination") and director Oliver Stone ("Obama is a snake") are among the celebrities who've spoken out against Obama in recent months.

Just a few weeks ago, Mamet lambasted what he sees as the Obama administration's overreaching arm, telling The Daily Beast that the current government bears a resemblance to Lenin and Marx.

"Don’t you know who these people [members of the Obama administration] are?" the "Glenglarry Glen Ross" scribe asked. "What in their history do they find inconsistent with totalitarianism, or at best statism, or at worst Marxism? They want to take over the government. They don’t care how they do it. You can’t believe a word they say.”

Mamet, 65, has also tackled political subjects in his work, like the prescient presidential affair scandal in 1997's "Wag the Dog," for which he and co-writer Hilary Henkin received an Oscar nomination.



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