11/29/2013 09:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 15 Grossest Beauty Habits People Do In Public

We all have gross, embarrassing beauty habits, and that's OK.

It's one thing to do these things in the privacy of your own home, but it's quite another to subject onlookers to your unsavory, borderline obsessive nail grooming habits or your method of dry skin removal. And we have had enough. Here are the most offensive, stomach-churning beauty habits we've witnessed people do in public... that need to end now.

#15: Biting at corner of dry lips
For the love of god, get yourself some lip balm.

#14: Allowing stray hairs to fall on people when combing
It's gross enough peeling your own hairs off your sweater -- nobody wants to touch another person's dirty follicles.

#13: Picking off crusty part of mascara
Yet another reason to make sure you wash off your makeup from the night before.

#12: Picking at flakey skin
And you thought exfoliating wasn't important...

#11: Removing eye boogers
We get that sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do, but discretion is key.

#10: Picking at cuticles
Just. Leave. Them. Alone.

#9: Picking earring crust
If you're not responsible enough to remove this residue before you leave the house, then perhaps you're not ready for earrings.

#8: Filing nails
Seriously, can't it wait?

#7: Picking ear wax
Q-tips were invented for a reason.

#6: Picking at face scabs
Do you want to scar and lose friends?

#5: Ripping nails
There is no hangnail that must be removed so urgently that you can't wait for clippers.

#4: Scraping tartar off teeth
If you're brushing on the reg, this shouldn't be a problem.

#3: Picking ingrown hairs on legs
No. Just no.

#2: Picking toenails
A good rule to live by? Never touch your feet in public.

#1: Pimple popping

And makeup can be just as horrifying:

Worst Celebrity Beauty Looks

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