12/02/2013 12:29 pm ET

'Cheating Universities' Ranking Names Colleges With The Most Alumni On


A website devoted to assisting adults in cheating on their spouses has created a college ranking most schools would probably like to forget. polled 10,350 of their members and calculated which colleges were the 10 most common alma maters, based on the schools with the highest percentage of users on the website.

The University of Minnesota takes the top spot, claiming more users of the adultery website as alumni than any other school. Arizona State University and the State University of New York at Buffalo followed behind Minnesota.

Overall, users were more likely to have a college education than to have just obtained a high school diploma, and nearly a quarter of them had a postgraduate degree, the website says.

If you're curious why public universities dominate the top 10, it might be because the website only reports 16 percent of their users having attended private schools. Not to mention that most Americans with a college degree attended at a state school. previously ranked the top 10 cities with the most users, but few had any corresponding university in the website's college ranking.

The top 10 ranking according to is in the list below:

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