12/02/2013 05:22 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta': Kandi's Mom Calls Her Fiance A Gold Digger (VIDEO)

Kandi's mother, Joyce, was pretty upset on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." So upset, in fact, that she confronted Kandi's fiance, Todd, accusing him of being a gold-digging opportunist. She basically told him she was onto him and would be watching him, but she chose some unexpected words to get her message across.

"Just don’t let me catch you," she told him. "‘Cause let me tell you, ain’t no river high enough. Ain’t no ocean deep enough. Ain’t no desert hot enough to keep me off your ass, baby.”

"What are you over here reciting lyrics to a song for?” Kandi asked, walking in on the conversation. Joyce said they were bonding, but Todd say they must have "a different way of bonding." Joyce also apparently has a different understanding of those lyrics to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" -- ain't no river high enough?

Buddy TV's Jennifer Lind-Westbrook gave props to Todd for staying cool during the confrontation. "All Momma Joyce has to offer in response is that she's a work in progress," she wrote. "I'd say she's more interested in regressing than moving forward.” Wetpaint's Lindsay Dreyer thought Joyce's issues came from somewhere else. She wrote, "It's fairly obvious ... that money isn't the underlying issue here. Earlier in the conversation Joyce expressed feeling alienated ever since Todd came into their lives ... We're not therapists, but it seems like Joyce is actually just scared of losing her daughter.”

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" continues on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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