12/02/2013 05:21 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

'The Good Wife' Mid-Season Finale: Marilyn's Baby Name Could Change Everything (VIDEO)

Alicia nearly inherited $12 million on the mid-season finale of "The Good Wife," but that wasn't the biggest surprise in store for the 100th episode. And, in fact, it doesn't look like she'll be getting the money anyway. Peter's ethics advisor, Marilyn, is well on her way to having her baby, though, and she couldn't be more excited.

At Alicia's holiday party, Marilyn revealed the sex of the baby, and that she had a name picked out. It was more than Eli could handle. She wanted to name her baby boy Peter. Eli's genuine spit take was the comedic highlight of the episode. In fact, E! Online's Lauren Piester nominated it for "Best Spit Take Ever." She added that if Peter isn't the baby daddy, then we've been very misled.

Entertainment Weekly's Breia Brissey thought it was the second-best episode of the season -- behind "Hitting the Fan," when Alicia's plans to leave Lockhart/Gardner were exposed. Over at the Chicago Sun-Times, Lori Rackl said that this season has officially made her a fan of the show. "I hope Emmy voters are taking note, too, and the series will be back in the running for best drama next year," she added.

"The Good Wife" returns to CBS in 2014.

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