12/03/2013 10:44 am ET

Admit It: We All Had Our 'Awkward Phases'

We've all had one. In fact, you'd be lying if you said you didn't.

We're talking about awkward phases. Those few months (or in our case, few years) when your haircut was awful and you had no idea how to get dressed. Maybe you convinced your mom to let you get bangs, or perhaps Justin Timberlake played a major role in your adolescence and you decided frosted tips were the way to go. Whatever made you so awkward back then, rest assured, you weren't alone.

We've all had style moments we wish we could block out (ours include pleated pants and a lot of velvet). But as the year comes to a close and we look back, we decided to reminisce on just how far we've come. We asked the editors here at HuffPost to submit photos of their awkward phases to compile a hilarious slideshow. Enjoy.

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Awkward Phases

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