12/04/2013 10:14 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Jodi Arias Refutes Claims She Threatened To Kill Prosecutor


Jodi Arias strongly refuted the claims made last week that she wanted the prosecutor in her case killed.

Arias' former cellmate, Cassandra Collins, previously told MyFox Phoenix that Arias told her she threatened to have the prosecutor's throat slit if she was given the death penalty.

The station reported that Arias attacked Collins' credibility on Twitter.

She also added:

When asked directly by MyFox Phoenix reporter Troy Haden if she denied saying she wanted her prosecutor dead, Arias tweeted "of course."

MyFox Phoenix admits that Collins, "Like many women in jail ... has been treated for some emotional and mental issues."

Collins also said Arias, "tried to manipulate every inmate there and tries to control how they think about her case. She'll try to suffocate you with her version and her side. When I got released out, I was like thank you God I got delivered out of hell."

Arias was convicted of murder in May for the 2008 death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Her retrial that will determine whether she gets life in prison or the death penalty is in the pretrial stages.