12/03/2013 08:03 am ET

9 Vintage Products We're Feeling Nostalgic For

Consider this for a second: the next generation of kids won't know what a rewind button is or know how to read a foldout map.

Blockbuster, the go-to movie rental chain, recently announced it will close all of its retail stores by early next year. Book giant Borders filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Demand for all things digital is proving too much for businesses in many industries.

While there's much to appreciate about technology, there are some things that just can't be replaced -- in our hearts at least.

We asked our Facebook followers to tell us what products they miss from decades past, before your iPhone replaced flashlights, radios, and asking for directions.

1) "Cassette tapes changed the way we listened to music and finally had a way to record our wondrous mixed tunes for the first time... I will always have a special place in my soul for that," said Barb Brisson.

cassette tapes

2)"35 mm film & Polaroid," said Robyn Rosenberg.


3) "The handle for the car window that would roll the window down. At least when you had to drive someone else's car, you knew exactly what that was for. Today with so many buttons on a car door, not so much," said Mayda Tapanes.

car window handle

4) "Bazooka Joe bubble gum," said Joe Miano.

vacuum tube

5) "The dial telephone," said Robin Bailey-Chen.

dial telephone

6) "45s!" said Pam Jessurun Williams.

45 record

7) "I remember the drug store had a vacuum tube center with a tester and a large assortment of tubes but I don't remember when they stopped selling those. My kids don't even know what a vacuum tube is but I went to the tube center many times with my dad," said Jim Britt.

vacuum tube

8) "Pay phones! Those used to be everywhere! Now there is a phone in everyone's pocket," said Troy Spainhower.


9) "Just thought about pay toilets. I don't miss them ( or my mom making me crawl under the door lol)!" said Lisa Ernest Bondeson.

pay toilet

What products do you miss? Tell us in comments


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