12/04/2013 04:34 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2014

'Trick Shot' Titus, 2-Year-Old Superstar, And Parents Get Personal On Viral Video Success (VIDEO)

After the viral success of the latest video with 2-year-old "Trick Shot" Titus (which also included celebrity appearances from both Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper), HuffPost Live was dying to talk to the talented toddler and his parents.

Joseph and Kristin Ashby joined host Ricky Camilleri to talk about what it's like parenting a prodigy and the serendipitous series of events that led to the little guy's celebrity showdown. While in agreement on most topics, there was one point of contention between the parents: where does Titus get his basketball skills?

"What do you think, Kristin? Isn't that me? I mean, let's face it," Joseph joked. "Well, I was a gymnast for 10 years when I was little!" she said in response.