12/05/2013 12:20 pm ET

ESPN's Mark Schlereth Made Bizarre Holocaust Reference During 'Mike & Mike', Issued Apology (VIDEO)

ESPN's Mark Schlereth seemed to be struggling to find the right words as he attempted to make a joke during an appearance on the "Mike & Mike" radio show on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, he found the wrong word. In an apparent attempt to make a joke about his hair, the NFL analyst made an ill-conceived reference to the Holocaust.

"My hair is indestructible," Schlereth joked as he discussed grooming habits with hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. "I mean it's like a plastic Devo whig. My hair is like a cockroach. My hair will survive anything. The Holocaust? Boom! I mean, the apocalyptic kind of event? Boom! My hair is going to be OK."

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(Discussion begins around 2:00 minute mark)

The former NFL offensive lineman soon issued an apology for his "verbal blunder" via Twitter.