12/05/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rusty Nail Found In Panera Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie (PHOTO)

Darien Police Department

Sugar and spice and... a rusty nail?

Police in Darien, Conn., are investigating this week after a 7-year-old girl reportedly bit into a cookie at Panera Bread only to discover a 2-inch rusty nail on the bottom.

The child and her family were decidedly unhappy with the metallic addition to the chocolate chip treat uncovered on Nov. 25, the Hartford Courant reports.

While declining to speak on camera, the child's father told local station News 12 that no one was hurt by the incident but that his family was "shaken up."

In a press release, Darien Police Department Sgt. Jeremiah Marron noted that Darien Panera Bread immediately pulled all cookies from its shelves following the discovery. On Dec. 2, the Darien Health Department conducted an initial inspection of the store. Panera is cooperating fully with the investigation, Marron said.

Panera's cookies are made from frozen cookie dough shipped to the store from an outside distributor, the release notes. That distributor is supposed to have "procedures in place to detect metal" Panera told the Daily Courant in a statement.

Darien Police Detective Mark Cappelli noted that as the nail was found on the bottom of the cookie, there was a good chance the dough was accidentally placed on top of the nail at some point in the baking process, News 12 reports. However, Cappelli said police "may never find out where [the nail] was picked up."

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