12/05/2013 02:31 pm ET

Gift Ideas For The Texting-Obsessed Friend In Your Life


From those epic after-school group texts with your besties to telling your mom that you'll be late for dinner because band practice is running late, texting is more than just a mode of communication -- it's a way of life.

So it makes total sense to get your friends some smartphone swag for the holidays. Whether it's matching iPhone cases or portable chargers (say good-bye to dead batteries forever), we've compiled the best gifts to give your fellow text-obsessed friend(s) this year. Scroll down for our favorite accessories and happy shopping!

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  • LOL Texting Gloves
    Every texter needs a pair of these puppies to keep their fingers from freezing during frigid temperatures. Warm your friend's hands (and their hearts) with these colorfully striped texting gloves. The big perk? The thumbs and pointer fingers are made with fabric that is touchscreen-friendly. #Win ($24.00)
  • Best Friends iPhone Case
    Forget friendship bracelets -- nothing solidifies your BFF status like matching iPhone cases. ($19.99)
  • Anti-Slip Car Dashboard Adhesive Mat
    Keep your friend's eyes (and fingers) away from their phone and on the road when he/she's driving with these extremely useful (and cheap) anti-slip adhesive mats. These mats stick right on the car's dashboard, and will make following GPS directions way easier. (Also good for blaring tunes.) ($4.61)
  • iPhone Privacy Screen Protector
    Your friend's texts, tweets and emails will stay safe with this privacy screen protector for his/her iPhone. Equipped with 3M microlouver privacy technology, you can still clearly see the info on your iPhone without worrying about prying eyes (others see a darkened screen). ($24.95)
  • Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger
    Perfect for the friend whose phone battery is always running at 10 percent (or less), they'll love you forever with this genius gift. Small and lightweight, plug this portable charger into your iPhone and you can get up to 9 extra hours of talk-time. ($19.99)
  • Emoji Stud Earrings
    A little on the pricier side, these earrings should not be presented to just anyone. Your fashionista friend will love these Wendy Brandes emoji studs, which include the peace sign and thumbs up emojis among others. ($35.00)
  • iPlunge Phone Stand
    Give your friend's fingers a break with this hilarious iPhone stand -- in a shape of plunge. Perfect to prop on their desk for when they're surfing Tumblr -- we mean, doing homework -- late at night. ($7.49)
  • Meggabeat iPhone Amplifier
    Okay, so you don't have to necessarily be text-obsessed to enjoy this gift, but we couldn't help but include it anyway. Ideal for music lovers (and impromptu dance parties) this small, silicone amp let's you take your tunes wherever you'd like -- no headphones required. ($14.95)
    Your friend will be ditching his/her backpack immediately once they get their hands on this awesome tote bag. Eco-friendly and practical, your quirky text-obsessed friend will go bananas for this gem. ($15.95)
  • Apple App Store Gift Card
    What do you get the texter who has everything? While it may seem generic, you can never go wrong with an Apple App Store gift card (especially if you're in a time crunch). Make your friend's holiday by letting them pick the apps of their choice -- which is one less thing you have to worry about. (Available in $15, $25 and $50 denominations)


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