12/06/2013 05:04 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Eric Barry, Comedian, Discusses Life As A Male Escort On HuffPost Live

Comedian Eric Barry stopped by HuffPost Live today to discuss his past work as a male escort and the stigma people who have engaged in sex work experience throughout the course of their lives.

“I don’t regret [being a sex worker] because I ultimately want to live in a world where being a sex worker or being a slut doesn’t have the stigma it does today -- and that people realize that you can enjoy sex and perhaps even make a living doing it and still be educated,” he said.

In November, Barry wrote a blog for HuffPost Gay Voices that highlighted the struggle of individuals trying to find employment after they have been a sex worker in the past, as well as discussing the issue throughout the course of his regular podcast.

Check out the clip above, and click here to read the most recent blog by Barry.