12/06/2013 01:57 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

How To Know When Your Oversized Coat Is TOO Big (VIDEO)

Vogue and HuffPost Style have teamed up for an exclusive series, giving you fresh behind-the-scenes takes straight from Vogue editors based on their weekly video series "From the Vogue Closet."

In the market for a new coat this winter? We're loving an oversized coat, one with a dramatic menswear feel that wraps us up cozily. Luckily, Beauty Director Catherine Piercy agrees with us, showing off her luxe Rag & Bone topper in the "Statement Coat" episode of "From the Vogue Closet."

But nailing the proportions of a bold statement coat is key, Piercy tells HuffPost Style. "If you look in the mirror and have to ask yourself whether you look great or ridiculous, your coat is probably too big. One oversized element -- like a bit of slouch in the body or a big collar -- works well. But if the sleeves are enormous, too, you can start to look like a child playing dress up," she said. "I think it's a mathematical formula to some extent."

But, Piercy assures us, there's no reason not to go crazy with trends. "As long as you're wearing the coat, not the other way around, anything goes," she says (even those wild gorilla sleeves or a crazy print).

And when in doubt? Take some cinematic inspiration. When we asked Piercy to name the best coat in history, she had to call out a famous onscreen moment: Margot Tennenbaum's fur coat in "The Royal Tennenbaums." "Awkward! Perfect! Looks even better with a flat!"

You had us at "flat." Watch the episode above and see more style "From the Vogue Closet" videos at Shop for oversized coats with Vogue here.

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