12/06/2013 01:12 pm ET

Mystery Donor Hits $500,000 In Anonymous Salvation Army Red Kettle Donations!

A Secret Santa has struck a red kettle once again, bringing his (or her!) total donations to $500,000.

For the past eight years, one incredibly generous donor has dropped a substantial check into a Salvation Army bell ringer’s bucket in Joplin, Missouri. This time around, the mystery giver handed over five checks, each made out for $10,000 on Black Friday, KSNF reported.

"For us to have that kind of a bonus, a surprise sort of thing that you always hope for but can never count on is really exciting," Lt. Jamie Curry of the Salvation Army told Yahoo News. "It puts us that much closer to reaching our goal and putting on more services for the community."

The anonymous do-gooder has managed to keep his identity under wraps by always wrapping the checks in a signature $1 bill so that the ringers don’t suspect that there’s a lump sum hidden inside.

This Salvation Army chapter serves over 900,000 thousands families, and the these secret donations makes a major dent in its fundraising efforts.

According to Yahoo, the Salvation Army in Joplin has set a goal of raising $415,000 this season.

As for who the mystery donor is, the organization says it truly have no leads and that it doesn’t even really need to know.

“I have no idea,” Christopher Madison, the bell ringer who found the hefty donation in his bucket, told KSNF. “I would never have a clue because they usually put it in when we’re taking a break or something.”

Whether you can give $50,000 or just 50 cents, the Salvation Army is grateful for every contribution. Find out how you can get involved in the red kettle campaign here.


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