12/06/2013 05:15 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Susana Martinez: 'Nuh Uh,' I'm Not Interested In Running For Vice President

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New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) had a blunt response when asked if she's interested in running for vice president: "Nuh uh."

Martinez told the Washington Examiner she's dedicated to serving the people of New Mexico and not interested in seeking one of the nation's top spots just yet.

“I am so focused on doing what I have promised the people of New Mexico I would do,” Martinez said.

Martinez has said she thinks America is ready for a female president, saying it's "long past overdue" in a November interview with RealClearPolitics. Despite that belief, Martinez said she doesn't have plans to run for president anytime soon.

“I’m the first female Hispanic governor in the country, and being that first female Hispanic governor in the country, with it comes a lot of responsibility,” Martinez said. “And I have to do the job of being governor for New Mexico right. There are a lot of little girls watching, and because there are a lot of little girls watching, I can’t walk away from a position not having accomplished the things I said I was going to do.”

Martinez is currently facing trouble; the Associated Press filed a lawsuit Thursday against Martinez and her administration agencies for refusing to release certain records. The AP reported:

The Associated Press filed lawsuits Thursday against Gov. Susana Martinez and administration agencies for refusing to release records about her work and travel schedules, cell phone calls and expenses of the security officers who travel with the governor.


The AP sought records on Martinez's travel, schedule and expenses as she took a higher profile on the national political stage in the last two years, including several out-of-state trips and a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention.

Martinez's office issued a statement in which the administration stood by its record on open government and its decision to withhold the information in question.


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