12/06/2013 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Will Be Mesmerized By These XBox And PlayStation GIFs

As much as the consoles change, the controllers really stay pretty much the same. These hypnotizing GIFs from the folks over at Gadget Love prove it.

Many gamers will remember the monolithic controller of the original Xbox that shipped with the system in 2001. Microsoft slimmed it down for Xbox 360 and the current Xbox One version features only incremental changes. These include a more responsive D-Pad, better textures and grip on the analog sticks, and impulse triggers that feature unique vibrations.

PlayStation on the other end, made their biggest jump with the PlayStation 4 controller since they introduced the DualShock controller during the original PlayStation's run in 1998.

Unlike the Xbox -- which axed the black and white buttons and added the left and right bumpers -- the PlayStation's buttons have remained uniform. For the PS4, Sony's biggest addition was the multi-touchpad along the front of the controller, with smaller things such as a headphone jack for quieter late night gaming sessions coming as welcome tweaks.

And Nintendo...well who can keep track of all those controller changes?