12/08/2013 07:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Your Weekly Travel Zen: Argentina


This week's Moment of Travel Zen comes to us from Alessandro Tomassetti. Of his trip to Argentina he says:

Two years ago I traveled around the world and snapped pictures and blogged all along the way. There were zen moments in all the countries I visited but one that stands out was during a hike to the Upsala glacier in El Calafate, Argentina. The wind was so strong and loud that I couldn’t hear any of the other hikers so most of the hike was about the jaw-dropping beauty and my own thoughts. The shades of blue seen in the glacial lakes, the sky and the ice itself, were like nothing I had encountered before: pure, clear and saturated. The clouds, which were being moved around by the winds, ranged from wispy and white to grey and angry, and the terrain itself changed from lush green to a rainbow of natural stone.

From lively cities like Buenos Aires to vast national parks there's no shortage of adventure in Argentina. A journey to Patagonia or Iguazᅢᄎ National Park is sure to be a zen, altering experience.

Travel Zen: Argentina

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