12/08/2013 11:18 am ET

Missing 5-Month-Old Jaxon Smith Found; Mother Arrested, Father Still At Large

Police are on the hunt for a 31-year-old Washington state man after finding his 5-month-old son, who was snatched late last month from Child Protective Services, multiple news organizations report.

Kasey McKernan is being sought by the Clark County Sheriff's Office and the FBI, among other agencies, according to

On Oct. 27, a CPS team arrived at the Vancouver residence to take the child -- Jaxon Smith -- in execution of a court order.

Officials tell Fox 12 that McKernan assaulted a CPS worker and fled with his son in a pickup truck, driven by Summer Smith, the boy's mother.

Smith, 36, was arrested Saturday at a Vancouver home, on outstanding warrants. Her child was taken into custody, according to

Police also arrested John Maxwell, 49, who was at the home where Smith was said to be hiding.

Smith's mother says that her daughter had missed drug treatment meetings, but that she would never do anything to harm her child. She just couldn't bare turning the boy over.

"Please don't be down on Summer. She wants to keep her baby and she's sorry for her past," Vickie Anderson, Smith's Stepmother, told KPTV in Oregon.

"She's scared, she's terrified ... and she knows she's blown it, but she is willing to go to treatment if she can just have her baby."

The Vancouver Police Department is asking anyone with information on McKernan's whereabouts to call the Tip Line at 360-487-7399.



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