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Everything You Need To Make A Grand Wedding Exit

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By Kellee Khalil for

At the end of the night, after you've said "I do," danced a romantic slow dance with your new sweetie and hugged your nearest and dearest, it's time to say goodbye in an equally fabulous fashion. Plan an epic send-off with confetti, sparklers, streamers, or traditional birdseed. Here are some ideas we love to make your grand exit truly memorable.

Say farewell with a confetti shower:

Light up the night with a sparkling sparkler send-off:

Photo by: Sparkle on SparklersOnline via

Photo by: Sparkle on SparklersOnline via

Fancier than birdseed: dried flower petals!

Paper streamers are whimsical and pretty:

Or, ribbon wand streamers (the little ones will love these!):

A traditional birdseed station with a creative set-up:

Southern couples know the only way to make an exit is with a parade:

Easiest clean-up: bubbles!

Or, just hitch a ride:

Photo by:ᅡᅠAbbey Hepner PhotographyᅡᅠonᅡᅠEvery Last Detailᅡᅠviaᅡᅠ

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