12/09/2013 10:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12-Year-Old Pianist Performs, Chats With Professional Composer On HuffPost LIVE (VIDEO)

A boy who just might be the world's next legendary piano composer joined HuffPost Live on Dec. 6 to show off his skills.

Twelve-year-old Tomás is an aspiring pianist from Milton, Mass. HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks introduced him to composer Timo Andres, who chatted with Tomás and answered some of his biggest questions about playing music.

Tomás started taking piano lessons at 5 years old. He admitted that it took a while for him to warm up to the instrument, but seven years later he loves playing songs by his favorite composers and writing his own music. But even a kid as mature as Tomás isn't immune to a short attention span.

"Sometimes when I sit down and compose, depending on what kind of mood I'm in, I compose what I was feeling at that moment, and what ends up happening is usually I don't use that because the next time I go to continue that composition, I'm in a totally different mood that doesn't connect with when I started," he said.

See the adorable Tomás perform and ask questions about composing at HuffPost Live HERE:

This clip is part of HuffPost Live's "Tell Me Why" series, featuring young enthusiasts discussing the subjects they're passionate about -- from horror movies to string theory -- with experts.



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