12/09/2013 03:45 pm ET

Airbnb Really Wants Bill De Blasio To Be Cool With Airbnb, So They Made This Video

Airbnb posted a video for Bill de Blasio Monday, or more specifically, a video for the New York City mayor-elect's friends and family, who will be traveling to the city this January for his inauguration.

The video shows a slew of Airbnb hosts in New York inviting de Blasio's crew to "come and stay in a real New York home with a real New Yorker."

The popular tech company-- which, to the chagrin of local hotels, enables people to rent out their apartments to visitors-- is currently in hot water with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who says Airbnb routinely violates a 2010 law making it illegal for New Yorkers to rent out their apartment for less than 30 days. New York state, Schneiderman says, is losing out on millions of dollars in hotel taxes.

De Blasio, a friend to organized labor during his campaign, has largely agreed with Schneiderman's assessment. Only time will tell if Airbnb's recent campaign will have any effect on his administration.