12/09/2013 02:58 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

Fishermen Accidentally Catch Tiger Shark, But What They Do Next Is Remarkable (VIDEO)

Video showing a group of Australian fishermen working to save a dangerous shark they caught by accident has gone viral after surfacing last week.

The men were fishing off a section of Coral Bay's beach in western Australia when they hooked the monstrous tiger shark, according to the video's description.

Footage of the incident shows the men reeling in the big fish and then wrestling with it in order to take the hook out of its mouth. At one point, a fisherman climbs on top of the shark, attempting to pry its mouth open.

Eventually, the group was able to release the shark using pliers, Perth Now reports. A local businesswoman, who declined to give her name, confirmed the shark had been caught by accident and estimated it weighed about 440 pounds.

The rescue is even more impressive given the shark's fearsome reputation. Tiger sharks live in tropical and subtropical areas, including the southwestern part of Western Australia and tropical parts of the New South Wales coast, according to the Australian Museum. The shark's "large size, scavenging nature and shallow-water feeding result in it being dangerous to people," the museum notes.

In September, a video that appeared to show a fisherman in Hawaii "torturing" a tiger shark prompted widespread outrage. Tiger sharks are common across Hawaii but are not protected by animal cruelty laws.