12/09/2013 04:44 am ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

'Naked & Afraid: Double Jeopardy' Special: Contestant Nearly Dies After Taping (VIDEO)

Discovery's wacky reality experiment "Naked and Afraid" returned for a holiday special dubbed "Double Jeopardy," but it turned out to be anything but cheerful for one of the participants. While Manu didn't realize it during her time in the wild, she'd contracted Dengue Fever. It was three days after her extraction that she started showing symptoms.

She told TMZ that she got to the hospital just in time -- any later and she might have died. According to the site, "Dengue fever becomes ‘hemorrhagic’ when the virus damages blood vessels to the point they hemorrhage internally. And the worst part -- there's no cure," Does that mean Manu regrets her time on the show? Absolutely not. She described it as the "most epic experience I could ever have done.’

Discovery is currently casting for more installments of "Naked and Afraid."

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