12/09/2013 04:46 am ET

'Revenge': Victoria's RSVP Throws A Huge Wrench In Emily's Plans (VIDEO)

On the even of Emily's big wedding plot on "Revenge," Victoria threw a huge wrench into Emily's plans. It's not going to be very easy to frame Victoria for her murder if Victoria isn't in attendance. The wheels of this plan were already in motion, and Emily has less than a day to figure out how to get Victoria there.

Of course, this could all change. Lydia found another copy of that photo from years back that showed Emily as a part of the wait-staff at a Grayson family function. If Victoria gets wind of this, she'll have reason to try and crash the wedding. Of course, we could also just watch the promos for next week's big mid-season finale. As Hollywood LIfe's Avery Thompsoin pointed out, Victoria was seen clearly in attendance after all.

Of course, ChicagoNow's Devin Mainville reminded us that nothing ever goes quite as planned on "Revenge." She writes, "The plan looks solid. And yet… we know it can’t really work out or we’ll have nothing to watch this spring ... So where will this plan fall apart? Who will shoot Emily? After all she’s put him through and all she’s about to put him through, my money is on Daniel. But it’s safe to say that in an attempt to take down her father’s enemies Emily has made more than a few of her own.”

Some of the answers -- and surely many more questions -- will come on the "Revenge" mid-season finale, next Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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