12/11/2013 06:00 am ET

'Amish Mafia': Merlin Ruins Christmas, Tells Kids Santa Is Satan, Then Blows Santa Up (VIDEO)

"Amish Mafia" returned for a Christmas special, and the gift that Merlin had for the children of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was that he was going to ruin their Christmas. As he explained it, "They have confused Christmas with Santa Claus and pagan worship, and it should be about the birth of Christ and nothing else.”

So Merlin decided to set them straight. "Santa’s a big, fat liar and a fraud," he told a group of stunned children. "Santa’s evil. He’s actually Satan. Don’t believe in him, because he’s gonna take you down the wrong path.”

“I won’t stop until every child in America knows that there is no such thing as Santa Claus," Merlin said proudly. He had children in tears, but he didn't care. He told them Santa wears gloves because he has hooves and that they should always run from fat men in red suits. And then, as he walked away he blew up an animatronic Santa Claus. Penn Live's Julia Hatmaker couldn't believe what she saw, saying that she was crying for the kids, too.

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