12/12/2013 08:48 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Georgian Parliament Erupts In Bench-Clearing Brawl (VIDEO)

Political unrest in Ukraine spilled over into Georgian politics this week when the country's parliament fell into a massive brawl during a session.

Per the BBC, parliament members (MP) from the Georgian Dream Party clashed with Georgia's National Movement over a resolution to voice support for anti-government protesters in Ukraine, leading to the physical confrontation. The protests, centered in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, erupted after politicians there backed out of a potential economic agreement with the European Union.

Video of the parliamentary discord obtained by the Associated Press shows a heated discussion between MPs quickly devolve into fisticuffs after one politician hurls a stack of paper at an opponent across the aisle. Several men move toward each other, gesturing wildly, while others attempt to pacify the angry lawmakers but end up caught in the melee themselves.

According to the Telegraph, no one was seriously injured in the fight, but the outlet notes opposition leaders have refused to participate in further meetings until an apology is issued.

Civil Georgia, an English daily news service, reports that despite this most recent brawl, the parliament proceeded to pass a statement expressing "deep concern" over violent reactions to the protests. It said that neither “Russia, [nor] any other country, has [a] right to interfere" in Ukraine's negotiations with the EU.

An earlier attempt to pass a similar measure ended without resolution several weeks ago, after MPs failed to agree on specific verbiage condemning "Russia's sphere of influence," the outlet notes.

WATCH the fight, above.



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