12/11/2013 02:34 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2013

We're Pretty Sure This High Schooler Just Made The Basket Of The Year

Marvey’o Otey will likely look back on this video as the moment he briefly touched basketball glory.

During a recent game, Otey, who plays for William Byrd High School in Virginia, was caught on film making an absolutely impossible shot. So impossible, in fact, that we can't tell if he meant to shoot for the basket or just keep the ball inbounds.

As The Big Lead writes, Otey was running to grab an out-of-control pass, when at the last minute he hurled the ball one-handed, behind his back. Not only did the ball stay in, it arced perfectly into the basket.

Otey didn't even see the shot, as his momentum carried him straight through the gym's exit into an adjacent hallway.

Unfortunately for William Bird, reports the Roanoke Star, they ultimately lost the game to the Cave Spring Knights, 76-79.

WATCH the impossible shot, above.



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