12/11/2013 05:32 pm ET

The 44 Worst Things About Planning A Wedding | Bustle

There’s a reason that millions of women, the day they get engaged, immediately start compiling guest lists, calling venues, registering in two to five places, buying $10 bridal magazines by the dozen, and otherwise setting in motion the weddings they’ve envisioned for years. The idea that wedding planning is fun has been ingrained in our minds since our youths. Love, Actually’s trumpet-heralded I dos, Bridesmaids’ girl-power-infused bash, The Little Mermaid’s aquatic nuptials — who didn’t want to recreate those scenes in their own lives? Hell, The Wedding Singer even made the process of marrying a man you don’t love seem fun. (Sorry, ladies: A drag queen bridal fashion show is not a wedding planning given.) And the big screen is just the start. One glance at a newsstand reveals dozens of pearl-hued magazine covers promising women that they can pull off the wedding of their dreams — without going over budget (ha!).