12/12/2013 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2013

Insane Beer Photo Leads To Chi Phi Fraternity Suspension At Lehigh University

Chi Phi fraternity at Lehigh University put a new meaning to the song "99 Bottles of Beer" with at least 99 cups of beer in their basement.

A photo circulating online of the beer set up on a Chi Phi table led to a suspension for the fraternity, pending an investigation by the university, The Express-Times reports.

The photo above is thought to be taken by a member of the frat, and prompted school officials to review whether the brothers hosted an unregistered social event in the house, which is a dry facility.

Lehigh Greeks issued a statement Wednesday announcing the fraternity's suspension:

"This suspension comes pending the investigation of allegations of University policy violations by the chapter on the night of Friday, December 6, 2013 including providing alcohol to minors, drinking games, hosting an unregistered social event, and irresponsible distribution of alcohol. Additionally, the chapter will be facing Interfraternity Council recruitment violations for allegations of potential new members being present at the facility where alcohol was present the night of December 6."

Next time this frat parties hard, maybe they should keep their events a little more private, if there is a next time.

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