12/12/2013 12:32 pm ET

'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Special: Jessica Horrified While Hog Hunting And Gutting With Phil (VIDEO)

On the "Duck Dynasty" Christmas special, Phil decided it would be nice to have a ham for Christmas dinner. But rather than go to the store, as Miss Kay would have preferred, he wanted to bag a wild hog.

This is "Duck Dynast,y" after all. Hunting is kind of what they're all about.

So he took Jep's wife Jessica and Miss Kay out hunting with him, which didn't go over well with the ladies at all. Phil was all business, but the women were horrified by virtually every step of the process. First, Jessica said she was deafened by Phil's gunshot. In his defense, he did warn her to cover her ears. But then he wanted to gut the hog!

“What is the wet stuff all over it?” Jessica asked when he told her to grab the hog's leg.

“When a bullet goes through the brainpan of a hog, he poops a little," Phil said calmly, adding, "It happens.” It might happen, but that didn't mean Jessica had to like it. And she only got more horrified as the gutting process proceeded. And she wasn't alone. Zap2It's Kiley Thompson was grossed out too, writing, "Merry Christmas, viewers. Here's some hog guts!

Over at The AV Club, Scott Von Doviak was critical of the scene for a different reason. "'Duck Dynasty' is usually at its worst in its retrograde depiction of gender roles, and this is no exception, as the heavily made-up Jessica, clad in the finest designer camouflage, is reduced to dragging a poop-covered hog through the woods.”

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