12/13/2013 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2013

Wine Lovers Uncork Their Lust In Argentina Commercial For Alma Mora (NSFW VIDEO)

Wine. Lovers.

Watch "Carla" and "Louis" uncork a bottle and savor each other in a steamy ad for Alma Mora wine in Argentina.

As the two carry on, their limbs, shoes, chairs and even their names achieve a greater union. "Become One" the tagline reads.

A tamer version of the Alma Mora spot can be found on Vimeo. But even in its lusty vintage (above), it's still pretty smooth.

Wine and sex apparently have become a more frequent blend in advertising. One brand, Menage a Trois, has used its suggestive moniker and marketing to help its sales grow into the tens of millions, Wine Searcher previously reported.

"We just feel that three is better than one or two," the company writes on its website. "Menage a Trois examines what happens when you put three attractive, single, young grapes in one exquisite bottle." Subtle, no?

(Hat tip, Creativity)