12/13/2013 07:25 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2013

Massive Ice Floe Rushes Down River In Colorado (VIDEO)

After days of freezing temperatures finally gave way to some sunshine in Colorado this week, that heat produced a large ice floe to break loose pushing a 4-foot wall of water, ice blocks, trees and other debris downstream.

Watch the dramatic video of the large floe above, filmed in the southwest town of Placerville.

The rush of water and ice came racing down the San Miguel River on Tuesday when a cold snap was followed by warmer temperatures and sunshine which quickly melted newly formed ice dams, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the Montrose Daily Press, the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office sent out 260 reverse-911 calls and also went door-to-door to area residents warning them to seek higher ground.

No injuries or damage from the torrent of freezing water were reported, according to The Associated Press.



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