12/13/2013 09:56 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2013

Naked Man Survives Frigid Night Inside Guitar Case In Oklahoma

A semi-naked, disoriented man was found wandering through an icy, remote section of Oklahoma on Tuesday, according to KOTV.

Zackery Aders had set off on a 26-mile walk through the frozen landscape to see a woman. But along the way, he got lost, fell through an iced-over pond and survived the freezing temperatures by spending the night in a guitar case, the Weather Channel reported.

When strangers found him, he was clad only in boxer shorts because his other clothing was frozen solid, the Muskogee Phoenix reported.

He survived despite temperatures dropping to 10 degrees in Muskogee overnight, according to KOTV. Radio station KRMG however said that it was merely a brisk 35 degrees that night.

After stumbling around lost, Aders calls for help were heard by a man working on his home.

"He kept on asking my husband, 'Please, don't let me die.' [My husband said], 'Man, I'm not going to let you die, they're on their way to help you,'" Emily Shamblin said on KOTV.

Aders was treated at a hospital and released. Police say they believe he was under the influence of something when he embarked on his chilly marathon walk.