12/15/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2013

Amanda Pollard Booby Trapped Ex-Boyfriend's Home, Told Friend 'Payback's A B****': Police

An Illinois woman faces felony and misdemeanor charges after she allegedly booby trapped the home of a former lover who had her evicted from his house.

Amanda Pollard, 28, is charged with felony tampering with food, and misdemeanor trespassing and criminal damage to property, according to the Peking Times. Police said the jilted girlfriend put rat poison pellets in her ex's coffee container, tucked a severed electric blanket cord under a mattress, and peed in his mouthwash.

Pollard's former lover, Joshua Brewster, had her evicted Dec. 1. When he allowed her to return to collect some of her things three days later, she reportedly threatened to burn the house down with him in it.

Pollard was discovered cutting the blanket cord by Brewster's friend, who'd gone to the house at his request to see if she'd come back.

The woman reportedly told the friend, "Payback's a bitch" and described her plans, the Journal Star reports. The friend called police, who discovered the rat poison.

Police said Pollard told them she was "hurt and angry" over her abrupt eviction. Pollard's Facebook status updates allude to her being "happy" and "in a relationship" shortly before the events unfolded.



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