12/16/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Wedding Photo Is A 'Jurassic Park' Fan's Dream Come True

Bride and grooms like to do wonderfully creative things in their wedding photos to capture the magic of their Big Day... like, for instance, making everyone in the bridal party run for their lives.

This photo was posted on Reddit by user aimanimation Monday with the caption, "Got married two months ago and since I became a 3D artist because of 'Jurassic Park' this had to be done."

And while we've seen wedding photos like this before, this pic has received over 360,000 views in just a few hours -- and we're pretty sure it's all thanks to the bridesmaids' stellar acting job. Did you see their faces? Now that's commitment.

Check out the slideshow below for even more hilarious wedding photos.

Funny Wedding Photos

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