12/16/2013 04:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Relax, Men -- Here Are 10 Clothing Items That Don't Need To Be Dry Cleaned

We women dry clean our winter coats after a long season or a cocktail dress after a particularly raucous wedding. But many men bear the unique burden of constant dry cleaning, spending hundreds of dollars a month getting their dress shirts, pants and suits cleaned after just weeks (or even days) of basic wear.

But dry cleaning is a curse that can be (at least partially) lifted. Men, we've rounded up some great pants, shirts, jackets and even suits that can be washed in your closest washing machine. Just promise us one thing: You will not stick this stuff in the dryer. Hang dry these items, then iron them if they end up rumpled.



Tailored Slim-Fit Non-Iron Houndstooth Pant, Banana Republic, $89.50; Thursday Khakis, Bonobos, $98; Wrinkle-Resistant Three-Season Washable Wool Pants, L.L. Bean, $49.99.



Traditional Fit Pinpoint Dress Shirt, Smartcare, $49.50; Fitted 1MX Stretch Cotton Shirt, Express, $35.94; Secret Wash Shirt In End-On-End Cotton, J. Crew, $64.50.



Washable Wool-Blend Two-Button Sport Coat, TravelSmith, $199; Mayes Blazer, Tommy Hilfiger, $149.99.



Machine Washable & Tumble Dry 2 Button Birdseye Slim Fit Suit, Marks & Spencer Outlet, $81.55; The Travel Suit, Brook Taverner, $391.42.

Nine things your dry cleaner may not be telling you:

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