12/17/2013 12:16 pm ET

Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Why He Gets Nervous When Sofia Vergara Dances

Jesse Tyler Ferguson gushed on "Conan" that he absolutely loved almost everything about his recent wedding. He certainly loves his husband, Justin Mikita ... he just doesn't love to dance with him. In fact, the "Modern Family" star would rather not dance at all. Luckily, one member of his TV family is more than willing to step in for him at all award show after parties.

While Ferguson is thrilled Sofia Vergara loves to dance, he does get concerned about her signature backbend move. As Ferguson put it, "She's a buxom lady." He's worried there could be a couple of surprise appearances in a wardrobe malfunction. And it has happened, as a censored picture proved. Of course, Vergara isn't shy about her body. After all, she is the one who Tweeted a picture of her ripped dress on Emmy night, exposing her rear.

Now that Ferguson is settling into married life, there should be fewer dance demands. The next step for the new couple is kids. Ferguson told People that he and his husband are already "baby crazy" after only four months of wedded harmony.

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