12/17/2013 07:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Where To Avoid The Holidays Altogether

Ah, the holidays. The time for gifts, the time for drinking, the time for family. But what if you're just OVER it?

According to a recent Hipmunk survey, 18% of respondents were actively looking for places to go to AVOID their family (non-millenials were 32% more likely to have this point of view).

What if you just want to get away from not just family but everybody? You can head to one of these 5 remote destinations that take a ton of time to get to, places without Internet, or other super remote spots like a national park in Brazil, a Pacific island you can't even find on a map or even a beach that is only accessible by swimming up to it (see below).

secluded beaches
Hidden Beach, Mexico

Bottom line: You have options if you want to avoid the holidays altogether. Don't beat yourself up and hit the road.



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