12/17/2013 07:25 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Rat Stuck On Escalator Will Leave You Pondering The Meaning Of Life

Ever feel like you're running at full speed just to stay in one place? That if you stop, you'll get caught up in some inexplicable madness?

This rat knows exactly how you feel. Captured on film earlier this month by YouTuber Jonathan Beilin amid the hubbub of San Francisco's mass transit system, this may be the most literal take on the "rat race" you can find.

The video's background music adds an unintentionally humorous "sad trombone" effect, as a horn plays elsewhere in the station, haunting at times, jarringly discordant at others.

"Yeah this is a pretty damn good metaphor for life," jokes one poster in a comment.

"Art imitating mice!" adds another.

Beilin told SFist that he even tried to help the rat escape by placing a book down that it could use as a bridge to freedom, but the rat ignored the help.

Instead, the animal kept up its Sisyphean effort, running, running, always running.

WATCH the rat play out human existence, above.



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