12/18/2013 11:03 am ET

BBC Reporter Gets Surprise Interview With Henry Winkler On The Street

A BBC reporter got a great surprise when he was interviewing people on the street.

The BBC's James Landale was out asking people what they thought about a proposal to expand Heathrow Airport when he stumbled upon none other than Barry Zuckercorn himself, Henry Winkler.

"Are you a voter?" an excited Lansdale asked Winkler, adding, "Of course I recognize you."

The actor was game to chat briefly and said he had no problem with the idea of adding a runway. "I watch the planes go everyday, I hear nothing," he said.

The BBC and even the Guardian seemed tickled by the encounter. The Guardian piece about "happy days for the BBC's James Landale" was entitled "BBC reporter goes on a Q & Aaaay."