12/18/2013 12:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Yo, Is This Racist?' Says What We're All Thinking About Racism

People write horrible things on the Internet. Racist, sexist, fill-in-blank-phobic things that many sites -- including HuffPost -- have to pay full-time moderators to delete.

But on the blog and podcast "Yo, Is This Racist?," Andrew Ti welcomes them. He is like the "Dear Abby" for racists.

People write and call in with comments or questions about whether something is racist or not. And the answer is almost always the same. "If you have to ask a stranger if something is racist," Ti said to HuffPost, "the answer is 'yes.'"

His answers aren't exactly diplomatic or politically correct. He unapologetically takes the sanitization out of the "race discussion" and gets mad.

Ti founded his blog and podcast two years ago, and the racism questions keep pouring in. He responds to up to a dozen a day and still has a 50,000-question backlog. He said he's found his audience to be predominantly two groups that don’t often come together: the comedy community and social activists.

Behind Ti's f*ck-it-all humor (he's a full-time LA writer for Comedy Central), there's a purpose to the blog … sort of.

"Ideally it helps point out all the racism that’s still pervasive in the world in a way that isn’t preachy or boring," Ti said. Also, … "it’s so incredibly easy and satisfying to swear at racists."

Check out a podcast segment and a few blog posts below: